MAB Robotics motion control sollutions

MAB Team will prepare perfect actuator for your application. We operate comprehensively – from BLDC motor selection stage to the motion controller project. 

MAB BLDC motor controllers:
– Precise and accurate motor movement,
– Compact design and low weight,
– Interface: CAN, CAN-FD, RS-232, RS-485, UART, Ethernet,
– Control Modes: Position, Speed, Torque, Impedance,
– Sensing: Current, Torque, Angle, Speed, Temperature 
– Compatible with ROS and ROS2,
– MAB offers customization to individual customer needs.

MAB drive  1kW

Operating Voltage 9-24V
Peak Current 80A
Weight 15g
Dimensions 50x50x8mm
Embedded Encoder
Resolution 0.02°



MAB drive 10kW 

Operating Voltage 48V
Peak Current 200A
Weight 0.3kg
Dimensions 195x125x20mm
External Encoder


MAB Robotics position measurement solutions

If you are looking for accurate angular position measurement and easy integration, then MAB Encoders are the perfect solution. 

Plug&play Absolute Encoder
Accuracy 0.02°
Compact dimensions and low weight
Compatible with ROS and ROS2
Interface: CAN, CAN-FD, RS-232, RS-485, UART, Ethernet
Available in standard and IP65 version.

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